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AIM Conference 2015

Theme: “A Mercy to the World: Why We Love Prophet Muhammad (p)”

Scope: Addressing contemporary issues related to his status, message, ethical framework and mission.

Saturday, 7th November 2015 @ 9:00 am to 3:00 pm

Club Punchbowl Function Centre, 921 Punchbowl Road (cnr Canterbury Road)

International Guest Speakers:

  • Dr Anas Altikriti, Cordoba Foundation (UK)
  • Sr Salma Yaqoob, Psychotherapist and Political activist (UK)

Local Speakers:

  • Dr Ibrahim Abu Mohammad, Grand Mufti of Australia
  • Sh Mutasim Jarrah, Imam Punchbowl Mosque
  • Dr Zachariah Matthews, Deen Academy

Registration Fee:

  • $20 (includes morning tea and lunch)
  • Child-minding available @ $10 per child (please call 0404 928107 to book)

Tickets available from:


IMG-20150922-WA0008Dr Anas Altikriti
CEO and Founder of The Cordoba Foundation, London; a British Think Tank specialising in West-Muslim World relations. Chairman of the Muslim Association of Britain (MAB). Vice-President & Patron of Stop the War Coalition and a leading figure in the global Anti-War Movement. Featured in the prize winning film “We Are Many” which documented the 2 Million March. PhD in Political Studies from Westminster University, London. Specialist in Muslims as minority communities, Middle Eastern and North African Geo-Politics, Political-Islamic Thought, Extremism, and Islamophobia. International speaker & Hostage negotiator
Media Commentator, appearing on prominent debate programs including Hard Talk, Doha Debates & Head to Head and was the subject of an ABC Lateline coverage in 2005. Twitter: @anasaltikriti Facebook: Anas Altikriti

imageSalma Yaqoob
Salma is a Community Engagement Manager at the Birmingham and Solihill Mental Health Trust. She is a psychotherapist having a degree in Human and Applied Psychology Bsc (Hons) and a Postgraduate Diploma in Integrative Psychotherapy and Counselling. She was awarded an Honorary Doctorate this year by Birmingham City University in recognition of her contribution to public life. Salma has been a community activist for several years and has been elected twice as a Birmingham city councillor with large majorities. She has campaigned on local issues, as well as national issues such as an alternative economic policy to austerity, and internationally has called consistently for peace, playing an active part in the anti-war movement. Salma has spoken at public events and rallies around the world and made a number of appearances on television programmes like BBC Question Time, Newsnight, and Channel 4′s 10 O’Clock Live. She is also a mum of three boys. Twitter: @SalmaYaqoob

DrIbrahimAbumohamedDr Ibrahim Abu Mohamed
Dr Abu Mohamed is an author and thinker who was born in Egypt. He memorised the Quran at a young age and in 1987 completed his PhD in the school of Usul Aldeen (the foundations of Islam) at the Azhar University with High Distinction and Honours. He has written and published several books that have been translated into many different languages. Dr Abu Mohamed serves on many boards and was elected as the Grand Mufti of Australia in September 2011.


MIJarrahSh Mutasim Jarrah
Sheikh Jarrah completed a Bachelor of Shari’ah (Islamic Studies) from Yarmouk University, Irbid, Jordan. He has Ijazah in various qira’at (recitations) of the Noble Quran: Certification of Authorisation in Quranic narrations. He is currently the Imam of Punchbowl Mosque in Sydney and the Technical Manager of The Dawn Quranic Institute. He specialises in the Science of Tajweed.



ZmatthewsDr Zachariah Matthews
Dr Matthews studied Quran memorisation and Islamic Studies from a young age. He completed B. Pharm, B. Sc (Hons Pharmacol) and Pharm. D degrees. Dr Matthews has been an educator in the Islamic Sciences for more than twenty years and lectured for seven years part-time at the University of Sydney’s Pharmacy School. Dr Matthews actively focusses on leadership mentoring and development. He is the principal instructor with Deen Academy and executive director with Just Media Advocacy.