Islam in Practice Conference Sunday 10 December 2017  |  1pm to 8pm

Featuring a wide rage of international and local speakers.

The aim of the Conference is to focus on contemporary issues in the areas of Law, Finance, Leadership and Activism; reviewing issues of concern to Australian Muslims and importantly, exploring strategies on how better to deal with these concerns putting Islam into practice.

For the first time brought to you by the Australian Islamic Mission (AIM), Islamic Forum for Australian Muslims (IFAM), Islamic Practice and Dawah Circle (IPDC) and IQRO Foundation.

Venue: Club Punchbowl, 921 Punchbowl Road, Punchbowl NSW 2196

Cost: $20 per person (no children under 9)

Child-minding for 2-8 year old children is available at $10 per child: For bookings email centre@aim.org.au or call 0404928107 For more info: info@aim.org.au or call 0404928107

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Sh Abdool Rahman Khan
Bachelor and Masters of Islamic Jurisprudence. Imam of Northern Virginia Mosque, Chairman of the Shariah Council of the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA), Head of ICNA Tarbiyah Department, Member of the Fiqh Council of North America. (Video)
Dr Abdus Salam Azadi
Bachelor in Islamic Jurisprudence, Masters in Applied Linguistics (Teaching Arabic as a second language), PhD in Islamic Studies. Educationist, author and TV presenter, Director of Swansea Islamic Academy and Mosque, United Kingdom. (Video)
Almir Colan
Masters of Islamic Banking and Finance, Masters of Business Administration. Director of Australian Centre for Islamic Finance, Director at Awqaf Australia, Board member of Garden College; Melbourne. (Video)
Sh Basmah Abdul Qader
Bachelor and Masters in Islamic Jurisprudence, Post-Grad degree in Counselling. Scholar and Counsellor, Life Matters Academy; Sydney. (Video)
Farouk Abdullah Alwyni
Masters in Economics, Masters in Business Administration, Diploma in Islamic Finance, Islamic Finance Qualification. Founder and president director of Alwyni International Capital Indonesia; chairman and co-founder of Center for Islamic Studies in Finance, Economics, and Development (CISFED); lecturer at Perbanas Institute Graduate School of Management and the Graduate School of Management (MM Program), the Faculty of Economics & Business, the University of Indonesia; correspondent for Islamic Finance News; regional director of Executive Muslim.
Kamal Saleh
Bachelor of Media and Law. Spoken word poet, Creative Production at OnePath Network, Sydney. (Video)
Safeea Ali
Spoken word poet, Student Bachelor of Social Science, Western Sydney University.
Sh Shady Alsuleiman
Ijazahs in Quran memorisation, Fiqh, Usul Al Fiqh, Hadith and other Islamic sciences; Masters of Islamic Studies. President of the Australian National Imams Council, Founder of the United Muslims of Australia, Sydney. (Video)
Tasnim Sammak
Bachelor of Arts (Political Science and Government), Bachelor of Education, Honours Research (Education), PhD Student (Curriculum Policy). Researcher Islamophobia Watch, Freelance writer Djed Press, Editor Podium magazine, Director Igniting Dreams Together Mentoring Program, Melbourne.
Imam Yahya Ibrahim
Ijazah in Quran proficiency; studied exegesis, jurisprudence and hadith sciences with scholars. Head of Islamic Studies and Assistant Principal at Langford Islamic College, Senior Imam at Thornlie Mosque, Islamic Chaplain at Curtin University and the University of Western Australia, Lecturer at Al-Maghrib Institute, Perth. (Video)
Dr Zachariah Matthews
Bachelor of Pharmacy, Honours Pharmacology, Doctor of Pharmacy, Masters of Islamic Studies. Instructor at Deen Academy, Executive Director with Just Media Advocacy, Vice-President Australian Islamic Mission NSW, Coordinator Muslim Political Action Committee, Sydney. (Video)


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