Workshop With Master Calligrapher Hisam Selmo

Sunday 22 July 2018

Alhamdulillah (by the Grace of God) the Islamic Calligraphy Workshop with Master Calligrapher Hisam Selmo went extremely well this morning. Attendees were given an opportunity to see the progress of his painting the 99 Names of Allah (swt) in the new and iconic Punchbowl Mosque.

Mr Bashar Al-Jamal, president of AIM welcomed  guests and thanked them for showing a keen interest in the art form specific to the various Arabic Quranic scripts. He also thanked Mr Selmo for agreeing to undertake the work commissioned by AIM.

Omran Omer who came all the way from Melbourne to spend two weeks learning the specialised art form from the master calligrapher, assisted with translation.

Attendees also got to try their hands at calligraphy themselves with bamboo pens hand-cut by Mr Selmo himself and ink provided. The practical component of the workshop received the most positive feedback from participants.

Mr Selmo is an award-winning Master Calligrapher trained and licensed in thuluth and nasikh scripts by Professor Hassan Chalabi at the Research Centre for Islamic History, Art and Culture in Istanbul. A Syrian by birth, Mr Selmo has lived in Turkey for several years.

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