Indonesian Editors visit Punchbowl Mosque

Friday 16 February 2018

AIM hosted a delegation of senior Indonesian editors at the Punchbowl Mosque construction site this morning. They were very impressed with the Mosque design.

The delegation included:
1. Ms Uni Lubis, the Chief Editor of IDN Times
2. Ms Yulia Supadmo, Chief Editor of RTV
3. Ms Arie Mega Prastiwi, Senior Editor International Desk of
4. Mr Arif Zulkifli, Chief Editor, Tempo Magazine
5. Mr Heru Margianto, Managing Editor,

Their visit to Australia was organised by DFAT.

Special thanks to the hosting team: Hassan Ayoubi, Siddiq Buckley, Abla Al-Jamal, Huwaida Sabih and Faiza Matthews.

IndonesianDelegation-160218-3 IndonesianDelegation-160218-2 IndonesianDelegation-160218-1