Morning Tea Raises $4,465 for Disability Centre Project

On Wednesday 27th May 2015 the AIM women’s committee held a morning tea at the Punchbowl Mosque to help raise funds to build a resource centre for Muslim children and young adults with a disability.

My Home Respite Centre  is currently looking to build a new home to care for these vulnerable children. The project is being undertaken by the Australian Council of Women’s affairs, in which they have organised a fundraising dinner to help fund this project (flyer below).

The morning tea was a great success which was attended by about forty ladies and raised $4465 towards the project. The ladies came and heard heart-wrenching stories from two sisters who currently have children with disabilities. They highlighted their concerns and the desperate need for such a respite home which catered specifically for Muslim children.

Mrs Ibtehaj Shahrouk, one of the organisers of the fundraising dinner, thanked the attendees and  the Australian Islamic Mission  for hosting the event to raise much needed funds.